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What is SEO? Types of SEO? Techniques of SEO? How does SEO work?

What is SEO? Types of SEO? Techniques of SEO? How does SEO work?

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Is this the first time that you have come across what is SEO or different types of SEO?

Maybe you’ve heard that SEO drives the traffic to websites and gets a higher ranking but is this enough to know what SEO is or how it works?

Mainly what are the elements of SEO?

Don’t worry you’ll get to know each things about SEO!!

It is the process of improving the site’s organic traffic and ranking in search engines like Bing, Google and others.

It also increases and improves visibility.

When people search for their products or services they use Google Bing or some other apps.

Visibility is the key factor because visibility is directly proportional to garnering the attention of the audience and can attract a wide range of people as well.

Good Search Engine Optimization involves many activities such as;-

  • Identify relevant keywords
  • Creating creative content
  • Including links from sites
  • Measure the result
  • Optimizing it for search engines and users


Types of Search Engine Optimization

To make it easier the companies and the SEO industry have come up with many different types of Search Engine Optimization.

Each type is responsible for several rules:-

Technical SEO

.Verified the website with Google search engines that correctly access your website

.Optimize the site structure and URL structure

.Follows SEO web design in a friendly manner

.Optimize the robot .txt

On-page SEO

.Makes the page friendly to search engines and.


.It optimize the H1 tag


.Page title

.Page formatting

Off-page SEO

It is all about techniques and promotion.

They used to do link building, brand promotion,

then Google picks up these and rewards the websites that people mostly talk about

Content SEO

It is a sub-set of on-page SEO. it is only about the quality of content and how to improve it better.

To achieve this type of Search Engine Optimization you should use:-

.SEO keywords

.Long tail keywords

.Make use of schemas

Local SEO

It is suite for local businesses only. If a user has a goal to get clients visiting the user’s local store should optimize the website for local SEO

Business name, address, and contact details should mention on each website page.

Mobile SEO

It is a subset for Search Engine Optimization for mobile devices and it is a fact that most of the google searches are searched through mobile itself. This is a good indication that the internet is moving from traditional desktop to mobile screens.

.On mobile SEO websites loads faster than any other device

.It is an easy-to-use website on mobile

.The user experience is not interrupted by any manner

Ecommerce SEO

.starts with the homepage and category page.

.optimizes the user’s product pages on the result of keywords.

.optimizes all visual elements such as images, videos etc.

.promotes the user’s stores on social media networks.

White Hat , Black Hat and Grey Hat Search Engine Optimization

Black Hat

Some people consider black hat as a type of Search Engine Optimization which formulates confusion

Black hat Search Engine Optimization is just a term which is use to describe any action or to trick any search engine’s algorithms.

The only outcome to follow black hat techniques is to lose the Google ranking and trust by which the user can be penalized by Google and diminish the chances of achieving in Google again.

White Hat

All the methods which are described are white hat SEO techniques and if these techniques are followed correctly one would eventually be able to rank high on search engines.

Black hat content acts like a doorway page which is scrapped from another website without adding extra content or keywords.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful tools for any digital website used in the world. SEO enjoys high visibility in search engines and improved the experience of the users.

White hat is designed to increase the position of the website in search engine result pages.

White hat seo contracts with black hat which involves the deceptive methods of attempting to improve website research which ultimately comes out to be ranked on one.

It is an approved search engine which optimizes tactics to design and increase a website position

In simple terms means to follow rules it is based upon ethical tactics.

Black Hat

Black hat SEO means using risky practices, this kind of practice might go away from the guidelines.

White hat content is written to answer the quarries of users. White hat SEO ranks well because the content is relevant and very useful

Thus, the mixture of white hat and black hat SEO techniques known as grey hat Search Engine Optimization

It changes with the way search engines work but probably could become the opposite in future.

Grey hat SEO is something which is in the middle of white and black.

We can say a transition between two or a mixture of two. A grey hat is a blurred line.

Gary hat is not something for which a user would be penalize. It’s not a bad practice, user do this type of practice with intention of getting ahead.

Creating content for only getting links can be considered against the Google guidelines. But if the content is relevant and valuable for the people who are using it then it all depends upon users.

What are Google guidelines on white, black and grey hat Search Engine Optimization?

Google is well known for clear webmaster guidelines which are used by Search Engine Optimization users and professionals to identify. Quality guidelines are

those which denote the most common form of manipulative behavior.

In these types of guidelines, we get to see some activities like cloaking and scraped content.

The guideline automatically recommends the change in Google’s algorithms over the years

In life people usually consider black and white things but they forget that there is a grey part too.

Just like that SEO is only the same which handles White and black plus grey too.

How does (SEO)Search Engine Optimization work?

Google and Bing the two foremost search engines creak the pages on the internet going from one site to another to collect the information about those pages and put them in a line or index.

Next, the algorithm checks the pages in the index, taking into account hundreds to determine that they should appear in search results. It’s just like the process of a brilliant and first bench student in your class who has studied everything and can tell you what’s where and what you should read first.

Search Engine Optimization success factors could be considered proxies for aspects of the user experience.

This is how search bots estimate exactly how well a website can give the searcher what they are in search of.

SEO factor organizes the six categories and weights each based upon the overall importance.

It also increases the quantity of organic traffic and the number of people who reach the site and clicks on search result which appears at the top of the screen. That’s why it is important to use Search Engine Optimization and their strategies to rank pages as high as can.

The more the users are attracted to the site more likely you will see an increase in conversions.

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