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What is Google Search Console? Features of the Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console? Features of the Google Search Console

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What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free tool that helps druggies measure their point’s business, see keyword performance, fix issues, and admit dispatches from Google about their website. It provides sapience on how a website is doing in the organic hunt as well as ways to make adaptations to the point in the Google indicator. ( Unlike Google Analytics, however, Search Console only provides word on business that comes from web hunt – not other parts like direct business, business from advertisements, or business from point referrals).
Search Console was launched by Google nearly 15 times ago when it was still officially called “ Webmaster Tools. ” Since also the name has changed and its functionality has changed a lot as well, but its purpose is still the same.
You can’t use Google Search Console to directly make changes to your point, but you can use it to submit runners to the Google indicator, corroborate that your point’s URLs are healthy, and check for crimes across your sphere property.
For SEO in particular Search, a Console is a good tool for conforming strategy. The data that you can get from Search Console can help businesses discover new ranking openings, boost performance, and learn how exactly people are coming to their website. This means it’s an important tool for any business that relies on its website for a stoner experience or to induce leads through organic business.
Learn about setting up an account and how using Search Console for a professional hunt optimization crusade can help your business grow in the long run. Once you have an account you can begin to explore what Google Search Console is used for in SEO.

What is Google Search Console Used For?

We’ve principally explained what Search Console is. We’ve also gone over a little bit how Search Console can help businesses cover their website’s performance online, but not really in detail. The verity is that Search Console is enough important platform that offers a lot of different tools for different purposes – you might not know them all until you learn about each one collectively. But we can go over its stylish features then.
So what’s the use of Google Search Console when Google formerly provides an analytics tool? What does Google Search Console do that’s different from what you can formerly see in Analytics?
The verity is that there’s some imbrication between Google Search Console and Google Analytics in that they both allow you to measure business to your point, and they both allow you to break down business by URL, and mobiles. desktop. But the parallels enough important end there.

Why do we use the google search console?

Using Google Search Console for Traffic

For numerous online businesses, the most precious resource in Search Console is the Performance report. As the name implies this section of the platform gives marketers and businesses important information on their organic performance and can help them track important KPIs for business success and continual growth.
The Performance report shows criteria for organic business coming to a business’s websites as well as each URL. It gives details about clicks, prints, click-through- rates, and average keyword rankings. Let’s define each one of these
Clicks This metric reflects the number of clicks from Google hunt that results in druggies visiting your point’s property. Unlike Google Analytics these clicks don’t inescapably represent a stoner’s sessions( a total period where a stoner browses the point) or indeed runner views( the number of times a runner is viewed in total). Clicks are, just that clicks. This is a big part of why the number of clicks you see in Search Console doesn’t always match with sessions you see in the wharf-runner report of Analytics; because Google measures these criteria with slightly different delineations.
prints This is defined as how numerous links to your point a stoner saw on Google hunt results( indeed if the result wasn’t scrolled into view). A simpler way of describing it’s that prints are how numerous times your point appears in hunt results, indeed if they don’t get clicks. Your results aren’t counted as prints if they appear on the coming runner of hunt results that the hunt didn’t click on.
CTR This metric dais for click-through- rate and is a measure of how numerous clicks the point has entered, divided by the number of prints entered.
Average Position This means the average position of the topmost result from your point for a given keyword. Average is given then because the position fluctuates frequently, give or take many spots.


The tool was erected solely to keep track of the website’s performance. With this, you can have sapience to your Google Search Console account, meaning that you can have a fair idea of what part of the website requires a redundant subcase of trouble.
This could be anything, for case, bottleneck crimes that are adding in number and needed to be fixed incontinently. This could be about putting further attention on certain keywords as the keyword ranking is getting dropped.
You’ll also be informed by email whenever there’s a circumstance of new crimes that are detected by the Google Search Console. This makes it easier as you can fix those issues snappily after entering announcements.

What are the main features of the Google Search Console?


In this tab, you can observe that your website ranks for what keywords and runners. Checking the performance tab on a regular base will help you identify the keywords and runners demanding further optimization.
indicator content
Being a technically precious tab, indicator content can show you the number of runners that have been there in the Google hunt indicator since the former update. It also shows you the crimes that caused difficulty in indexing the runners in the right way.


Let’s say you have formerly set up AMP or Accelerated Mobile runners for your website, you can fluently check out the crimes. This tab will show you a valid AMP with all the crimes and warnings. However, it’ll show you the affected URL, If you hit click on any issues.

Job bulletins

In this tab, you can start listing the job openings at the same time tracking their performance. You’ll incontinently know if any crimes passed. Like other features of GSC, this might not be the most important one; still, this can be useful for some websites.


The ‘ Events ’ section gives you helpful feedback on structured luxury. Events are at times complex in terms of tagging them up in the right way. In that case, this could be useful when you want to find out the areas in which you bear to make some little changes.


In this section, you’ll get to see other point links that are refocused on your point. In addition, you’ll be suitable to see the website links and the figures that are included on your website. This section is proven to be the most important part of SEO.

Mobile usability

This tab helps you see the issues regarding the usability of a mobile website. Mobile business is on the rise far and wide, make sure you check them regularly. However, chances are high that numerous callers will be gone, If mobile websites aren’t stoner-friendly.


What can Google search press do?

Search Console lets you fluently cover and in some cases resolve garçon crimes, point cargo issues, and security issues like hacking and malware. You can also use it to ensure any point conservation or adaptations you make be easy concerning hunt performance.

What data can you gather from Google Search Console?

You can see data like stoner queries and the number of times your point URLs appear in hunt results( prints), along with post-click data about point engagement like brio rate and eCommerce conversion rate.


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