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What is Google Ads? Types of Google Ads

What is Google Ads? Types of Google Ads

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Google offers paid advertisements that seem in search results on Google with the employment of Google Ads or advertisements that seem on alternative websites through the show Network and Google’s Ad Sense program.

Below is an associate example of a Google computer programmers results page (SERP). The sponsored results, or ads, area unit denoted with an associate “Ad” label. There are unit 2 sections of paid Google ads, one on top of the “natural” or organic results and one on very cheap of the results page.

Google additionally offers show Ads that seem on the Google show Network. The show Network is an intensive assortment of doors and third-party websites that have partnered with Google and united to serve Google ads. Google ads on the show Network will be in text, image, video, or wealthy media format, and may be targeted otherwise. This includes remarketing and banner ads.

To maximize the impact of your Google Ads and campaigns, you would like to understand that campaigns work for your business and wherever to form improvements–-Word Stream’s Google Ads Performance critic will assist you to do precisely that.

The Google Ads Performance critic is the most comprehensive free tool of its kind. In sixty seconds or less, the Google Ads Performance critic performs a radical audit of your Google Ads account, distinctive areas within which enhancements will be created still as highlight eminent areas of your account and the way they compare to competitive benchmarks for your business.

Types of Google Ads

There are a unit eight different types of ad campaigns with Google Ads:

  • Google Search  – Text ads on Google search results
  • Display ads – Image ads on websites or Gmail
  • Video ads – Video ads on YouTube
  • Shopping ads – Product listings on Google
  • App – Your app promotion on many channels

In this article, we’ll discuss the foremost necessary campaigns: search, display, shopping, video, and app. we tend to suggest beginning with them, and, later, if you see the requirement, you’ll be able to conjointly attempt adding a lot of campaigns, like discovery ads.

Google search ads – attract folks searching for your product

Google search ads area unit text ads that you just see on Google program results pages (SERPs). Your search ads will seem either at the highest higher than the organic search results or at the terribly bottom of the page.

Best used for: moving into a front of individuals WHO area unit able to purchase.

By targeting keywords with buyer’s intent, you’ll be able to reach shoppers once they’re checking out the product and services that you just supply. for instance, if you’re commercialism dog beds on your Shopify store, target keywords like “dog beds low-cost,” and you’ll attract those that area unit wanting to shop for a dog bed.

Display adsgenerate complete awareness

While search ads area unit supported text and allow you to target specific keywords, show ads area unit image-based and permit you to focus on those that area unit possible to have an interest in your product but aren’t searching for them nevertheless.

You can typically see show campaigns once you’re browsing your favorite websites. However, they’ll conjointly seem on your Gmail account, apps, or videos.

Best used for: Reach your potential shoppers early within the shopping cycle and increase your complete awareness.

Display ads will assist you to introduce your business to specific target audiences WHO area unit possible to have an interest in what you’re commercialism. This way, you’ll be able to reach a lot of folks compared to solely mistreatment search ads.

Video ads – get before of targeted audience

Since YouTube belongs to Google and conjointly acts as sort of a search engine–only for videos–you will target your potential customers on YouTube supported what they’re observing. And with over two billion users worldwide, you have got quite an audience to target!

Your video ad campaigns area unit is placed before, during, or when YouTube videos and within the search results.

Here’s an associate degree example of a game ad that pops up before another video:

Best used for: obtaining your product or service before a relevant audience.

With video ads, you’ll be able to use demographic targeting and reach your ideal audiences supported by age, gender, and interests.

In-stream video ads have a 5-second timer before folks will switch to their supposed video or watch the ad for its entire period. you have got lots of time to urge your message across in either case.

Shopping adsadvertise to shoppers able to purchase

Google searching Ads area unit product based ads. They’re displayed specifically for product searches on Google.

Unlike regular search ads, searching ads show a picture of a product in conjunction with its product title, price, store name, and reviews. Primarily, they supply shoppers with necessary product info before they even visit an internet store.

Best used for: Boost traffic to your e-commerce store and increase sales.

App Ad – increase your app installs

Have a mobile app for your business? With Google Ads, you’ll be able to retail it to you with app campaigns across Google’s largest properties, as well as Google Play, YouTube, Search, and also the Google show Network.

Best used for: making ads to market your app install or take a selected action at intervals.

Unlike alternative ad varieties on Google Ads, you don’t get to produce individual ads for App campaigns. Instead, your ads area unit is mechanically designed for you!

Provide some text, a beginning bid, and a budget, additionally because of the languages and locations for your campaign. you’ll be able to conjointly add some HTML5 assets if they’re relevant to your business. Then, Google Ads can adapt this information for a variety of ads across varied formats and networks.

How Google ads can help you to get more customers or engagement?

Google Ads area unit is a good promoting medium. Nearly everybody WHO uses the net uses Google, and the ad reach is unimaginable. Google Ads treat a pay-per-click basis, therefore you would like to build form to create certain to make strategic decisions to maximize your probabilities of conversion.

Understanding your demographic is the primary step to extending audience engagement on Google Ads. Google’s broad audience suggests that you would like to slim down specifically to whom you’d wish to advertise.

Do you need to advertise to those that already visited your site? Area unit you want to change to usher in new customers?

Not sure WHO you would like to target? Google Analytics will assist you to develop your core audience. It identifies 10 or a lot of characteristics that your users have in common to assist you to check over the right client cluster to focus on. Targeting customers whose area unit is already mistreatment your website can offer you the foremost bang for your advertising buck.

Why is that this important? If your campaigns are set to focus on English, Google Ads targets users whose language is about to English. Remember, individuals whose language isn’t English set their Google to show leads to their language.

Similar Audiences

Similar Audience are the set of audiences that the system has designed for you supported by the prevailing Audience lists that you just might need to create within the Google Ads or Analytics interface. Such audiences have similar activity traits and interests as your regular audience lists.

So, it is wise to target them 1st if you’re willing to expand to a brand new set of audiences. The engagement tends to be higher on such lists as compared with a new and undiscovered class of audiences that is out there as targeting underneath Google show Network campaigns.

You put plenty of your time and energy into your merchandise, your drive ought to represent them the maximum amount as effectively as doable.





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